Energy Inefficiency

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed how things are improperly installed to waste energy?

First example: the devices being sold that allow you to monitor your energy usage actually consume energy. Or the automatically flushing toilets that flush way too often.

Think about the days when we had huge air conditioners that ran on dedicated 220V circuit breakers. You didn’t dare leave the house with it running. You at least put it on ‘low’ if you were just running to the store.

What about the sinks in public restrooms with automatic soap dispensers? They pump out soap constantly while trying to rinse your hands.

The one thing I find annoying on a daily basis is the automatic valve on the sinks in the restroom at work. It will not stay on long enough to rinse off the soap being dispensed from the wasteful automatic soap dispenser. Once it shuts off, you have to figure out the correct hand gesture to get it to come on again.

Some things have just been over-automated in the name of efficiency, but they actually are more wasteful. At least no one can leave the water running.

I hope the lights don’t shut off on me while I sit here typing this…